SKIN AFFAIRS MYRRH a Well Known Ancient Facial Oil which is Extracted Using Steam Distillation Method.

Widely Used in Skin Face Bath & Body Care, This is the main Ingredient in Almost every Anti Aging & Skin Care Creams & Moisturisers .

It Has an Earhty Aroma Which can be used as a Natural Perfume, Anointing Oil, Face Cleanser , Diffuser Oil for Fragrance & Like a All Day Long Face Oil.

IDeal Usage Skin & Face Whitening, Brightening, Anti aging , Anti Wrinkles., Acne Scars Reducer, Bath Aroma Oil, Hair Scalp Massage Oil

It Helps reducing The Signs Of Aging Such As Fine Lines, Hyper Pigmentation, Stretch Marks, Blemish, Flaky & Dry Skin. It Rejuvenates and Brings a Miracle & Radiance Glow And a Brighter and Even Skin tone.

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